Ground floor improvement project

Dear Patients


We are pleased to inform you that Bridgewater Surgeries is due for a ‘Ground Floor Makeover’.


Bridgewater House was opened in 2006, and was designed for 2 separate GP Practices to share. At that time Coach House and Part End Surgeries occupied Bridgewater House but were entirely separate Practices, did not share any patient related services and needed a reception area each. In line with National NHS policy, the 2 Practices decided to formally merge in 2018, forming Bridgewater Surgeries. (Interestingly this is now heavily NHS policy since 2019 – with all GPs nationally being asked to work in collective groups of 30-50,000 called PCNs).


The idea of our merger in 2018 was simply to ‘work at scale’ to try and share medical expertise, expand the clinical team, and offer a larger range of choice and services to our Patients. The merger took a lot of planning and hard work, but we do believe it will offer stability into the future, and the best patient care possible.


Since the merger, we are aware that the Ground Floor layout does not work well for patients or staff. There are often queues at peak times, and it can be confusing for patients to know where to book in.


As such the Doctors have drawn up plans (via a specialised Medical Architectural firm) to try and renovate the Ground Floor. We hope this will improve the experience for both patients and staff  - and in addition will create 3 extra consulting rooms, and a new waiting area on the Ground Floor. The local NHS (CCG) are part funding the works, and the GP Partners are taking a loan out to pay for the balance of the costs – the Doctors see this as an investment in the Practice for the benefit of the patients.


NHS policy is very much to move services out of hospitals and into the community (Primary Care). As such we regularly have external professionals sharing our space, and are often open at the weekend or evenings. We know that extra consulting rooms will always be needed, and also feel that in the evening or at weekends, it is safer for both patients and staff to all be on the Ground Floor for safety and security.


In summary


·         We are investing in Ground Floor renovations with partial financial support from local NHS funding

·         We hope that the works will commence in May 2020

·         We anticipate that the works will last around 4 months

·         We are working closely with our builders and project manager to cause the least disruption possible to patient services (and staff)

·         We hope to create a new improved single reception area (on the left as you enter)

·         We plan to remove the right hand reception, and the meeting room behind, to create 3 new consulting rooms, and a new Ground Floor waiting area

·         We plan to improve the small nursing rooms at the end of the corridors on floors 1 and 2

·         The large health education room will not be structurally changed, but  might be altered internally to create a multipurpose area and allow phlebotomy (blood taking) clinics to run

·         We apologise for any inconvenience during the building works, and we hope that these improvements will benefit Bridgewater Surgeries for many years to come