Vaccine update and travel

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Within our PCN (Primary Care Network) we have administered over 22,000 covid vaccinations at Bridgewater House. 14,000 of these were first doses for patients in cohorts 1-9 and, as of 10 May, over 8,000 second doses.

Please note that we are no longer offering 1st doses at the surgery, so any now eligible patients will need to have their first dose elsewhere. If you are currently due a Covid vaccine, you can book your appointment at a mass vaccination centre via the following link or by calling the central booking system on 119. The eligibility list is shown on the booking link above and is updated as the eligibility changes.

If you had your first dose at Bridgewater House, the inviting practice (usually your registered GP surgery) will text you a booking link for you second dose approximately 10 weeks after the first dose was given. If you are registered with Bridgewater Surgeries and had your first dose at Bridgewater House over 10 weeks ago but have not heard from us, please let us know. If you are a patient at Garston Medical Centre, New Road Surgery or Baldwins Lane Surgery – please contact you own practice directly.

The Government assure us that from May 17th patients should be able to access their COVID-19 vaccination via the free NHS App. Many patients can already view their vaccines via the NHS app. Please see for further information on downloading this. There are many other useful features available on the NHS app

If you do not have access to a smartphone and know that the country you are travelling to requires a COVID-19 vaccination status you can call the NHS helpline on 119 (from 17th May) and ask for a letter to be posted to you. Please see for further information. 

Please note that GP practices have been advised not to provide letters confirming covid 19 vaccination status.