Updated Anaphylaxis guidance including the use of Adrenaline Auto Injectors

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  • A new safety campaign has been launched to raise awareness of anaphylaxis, below is the new guidance and a link to a video about the correct use of adrenaline auto injectors:-
  • http://The correct use of your Adrenaline Auto-Injector (AAI) – YouTube
  • adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs) should be used without delay if anaphylaxis is suspected, even if in doubt about the severity of the event
  • signs may include swelling in the throat or tongue, wheezing or breathing difficulty, dizziness, tiredness and confusion
  • immediately dial 999 to summon emergency medical help after administering adrenaline; say anaphylaxis (“ana-fill-axis”)
  • if you are not already lying down, lie down flat and raise your legs (if you’re pregnant, lie on your left side); this will assist blood flow to the heart and vital organs
  • stay lying down even if you feel better
  • if you struggle to breathe, you can gently sit up – don’t change position suddenly; you should then lie down again as soon as you can
  • do not stand up even if someone encourages you to
  • use your second AAI if you haven’t improved after 5 minutes
  • you should always carry 2 AAIs at all times; check the expiry dates and see a pharmacist if you need a replacement
  • report any suspected defective AAIs to the Yellow Card scheme. Keep defective AAIs for investigation. Your report improves the safety of medicines and medical devices