Over The Counter (OTC) Medication Policy

In line with national and local NHS guidelines the approach to prescribing medicines available OTC has changed. Patients are now required to purchase these medications from their local pharmacy or authorised supermarket.

Common medicines include:

  • pain medication (eg paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin for short term pain)
  • antihistamine tablets or creams
  • nappy rash
  • simple acne and dry skin creams
  • colic and simple indigestion remedies
  • treatment to help alleviate the symptoms of simple coughs, colds, minor eye infections and sore throats
  • simple verrucas, warts and athletes foot
  • minor fungal nail infections
  • threadworm, ringworm, head lice
  • simple constipation, haemorrhoids and diarrhoea
  • vitamins, supplements & probiotics
  • simple thrush
  • travel sickness

Please see this link for further information

Herts Valley CCG OTC policies