Medication Reviews

It is important that anyone on long-term medication has a regular review. This typically occurs once a year, but may be more often depending on your medical conditions or medication. Your repeat prescription slip has a review date shown, which indicates when the doctor would like to see you next to check your progress. 

We will attempt to contact you around your birthday month to arrange your annual LTC (long term condition) review. This may involve a pre-check with one of out nurses (to include for example blood pressure, weight and possibly blood tests – depending on your medication and individual conditions).

You will then be reviewed by one of our Practice Pharmacists, Nurses, or one of the GPs depending on your individual situation.

Some review consultations can be safely done on the phone if you do  not need to be examined in person, but please request a face to face appointment if you prefer to do so.

For safety reasons, we may not be able to continue prescribing for you if you do not have a regular review.